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Fuxwithit x Alessio Anessi, “History of Wave”



“I still remember it as clearly as it was yesterday. The summer of 2016 was coming to an end but the weather was still muggy and I was forced to use the PC only at night to prevent it from overheating. After an intense night spent playing Counter-Strike, I decided to dedicate myself to one of my usual SoundCloud scouting sessions. Digging and digging deep down into the endless jungle of uploads and reposts, just as the darkness of the night began to give way at the crack of dawn, the legendary wavemob’s wave 002 album surfaced in my feed. Bewitched by its iconic artwork, I pressed play, and what seemed like a normal August night suddenly became the stage of an epiphany that changed my life. Having searched for years for a genre able to combine my passion for bass music with my endless love for the intimate, dreamy, highly emotional atmospheres typical of trance, that new sound seemed like a mirage to me, too good to be true. Quoting Plastician’s words, “[wave] is a truly independent movement far removed from the mainstream music moguls. It is music built in the purest of senses.” That’s exactly what I felt in my first encounter with wave.

From that moment, for the following years as a blogger and as a fan I’ve carefully followed the growth of the movement and tried to do my little part in it. Wavemob and the_accidental_poet were my very first guides, followed by YumeLiquid Ritual, and more recently, and IMMINENT Collective. Having witnessed how they (and many others of course) turned the term wave from an ambiguous label into a blazon representing a flourishing movement at the forefront of bass music has been an absolutely unique experience. Although 2020 will probably be remembered as the dark year, we cannot ignore instead how it was a period of exponential growth for wave. In the past twelve months, a good part of the bass scene realized what was happening behind the curtain and hungry for new sounds, has allowed itself to be immersed in the genre.

After a year of growth, it felt right and appropriate to me to take a moment to reflect and go back to the origins. In a world like the music industry, where too often culture is completely supplanted by business, I believe that the knowledge of our roots and where the music we listen to comes from is essential to ensure a bright future for the scene. I’m definitely not here to nostalgically defend what has been or to demonize what is new. Personally, I believe that without the “new” there is no evolution and therefore no future, but without “old” there is no identity and therefore no survival. In order to try to create a bridge between these two worlds and celebrate the history of wave, I decided to get in touch with no other than Kareful. As a pioneer whose story literally matches with the history of the movement itself, I consider him the right person to travel back to the beginning of this great journey with. In virtue of his role as an active producer and co-founder of Liquid Ritual, his knowledge spans not only across the years but also across multiple pivotal points of view.

When and how did it all begin? Where do the foundations of the wave lie? Who are its main players? This interview is not meant to be a complete encyclopedia but more of an access point through which to learn the essential know-how about this incredible genre and the culture that has emerged from it. […]”