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Alessio Anesi x Fuxwithit, “Last Night Wave Saved My Life”


Link: ; on the Liquid Ritual Conference of 2022, London.

“In the first months of 2022 I got to a point where, if you asked me point blank what and when was the last major musical event I attended, I had no idea what to answer. Apart from a not-so-satisfying techno parenthesis in Bratislava during the winter, to find the answer I’d have to go back and dig into pre-pandemic memories. This protracted absence from the dancefloor, coupled with my tendency to be introverted and other lockdown-syndrome effects had dragged me into a state of complete apathy, almost fear, toward any kind of live music experience. Why should I go to a crowded, messy, sweaty place when instead I can experience the beauty of the music I love in such a comfortable and curated environment as my own home? This is what I ended up asking myself more and more. […]”